Our Team



Founder & Director

Hello! I'm Jo and I am the founder and director of Meet. I have lived in Suffolk my whole life, and moved to Stowmarket last year with my husband and son.  We love exploring new places, baking and getting crafty! 


Becoming the first mother in my friendship group, combined with our rural location, I experienced first hand just how isolating motherhood can be. Many of my previous friendships seemed to disappear, perhaps due to the lack of time I had to invest in them and my change of priorities. But I am so thankful for the new mum friends I have made along my motherhood journey!


I decided to create Meet to prevent any mother feeling alone after the birth of her child and I believe together we can bring about real change for the mothers of Suffolk.



Hey, I’m Juliane and I live just outside of Eye with our little whirlwind rainbow daughter. We love spending time outdoors, whatever the weather and enjoy getting crafty & baking too.

I was the last in my friendship circle to have a child by a number of years and we moved to our very rural location just a few months before she arrived so it was all a massive shock to the system! I struggled with feelings of isolation & loneliness along with bouts of severe mum guilt. 


Meeting like-minded people who understood what I was going through really helped so I want to pay it forward to other Suffolk Mums. Having a network of support so important and I truly believe Meet can make a difference.




Hi, I'm Paige and I am a busy mum of three. I love taking photos and gardening and spent the last 15 years of my life is a admin assistant at Ipswich probate registry.


I've been a mum in a relationship and a single working mum in a failed relationship and know how hard life can push you. Mental health issues aren't easy to deal with and having little ones to look after makes it so much harder. I became a member of Meet to try and help others who just need someone to talk to and listen to them. I'm a bit quirky but don't be put off by my odd socks, interesting sense of style of clothing and my crazy love for cake.

I Look forward to meeting everyone.



Hi, I'm Koral, I'm a stay at home mum of one (two if I count my Yorkie!). I have suffered with my mental health on and off since childhood but have received amazing support and feel that I am now in a position to help others. 


I'm very sociable and outdoorsy, with a love for all things arts and crafts. I always have a book on the go and am a massive fan of all the furry creatures! I will be hosting Mum Meets in Bury St Edmunds and look forward to meeting you!  




Hi, I’m Richa and I am a full time working mum. I’ve lived in Suffolk for 3 years now and definitely found it difficult to make friends when I first had my daughter.


Having a good support network is so important for all types of mums and I am so excited to be involved with Meet to help create this for mums across the area!



Hi, I am Emi-Jo and a busy mum with a 1 year old little boy. I currently work part time at Ickworth Hotel but in my spare time love getting out and about with my little one in nature. We love going for walks and exploring our little town in Suffolk. 


I know how hard it can be for new mums to get out to groups and find a nice constant support group, it's the reason why I want to volunteer. I want people to have a group that they can come to and be open and talk about what is going on and be with people who will understand and be able to just listen or give some advice. Building a friendship group is important for your baby as well as being important for you mums.




Hi, I'm Rachel and I'm a neonatal nurse at West Suffolk Hospital. I don't have any children of my own (yet) - But I love spending lots of time with my very energetic little nephew!

I have seen the impact being a mother can have on your mental health, both from a professional point of view and also within my social circle.


My dissertation research focused on postnatal depression and child development and I found there to be so much importance in connecting with others and making people feel they have support and someone to turn to at any time. I volunteer with Meet because they offer exactly this, and a sense of belonging to all mothers. 


In my spare time I love being outdoors, getting creative and seeing those I love the most. I really look forward to meeting you all, helping you on your journey through motherhood and perhaps being that person you can turn to!