About Us

At Meet we strive to protect maternal mental health and eradicate social isolation faced by mothers in Suffolk, UK. To achieve this goal, we believe it is vital to encourage mothers to meet up with like-minded mothers in a friendly, non-judgemental space. 

Our vision can become a reality if people work together, and we focus on our four core values:


We are an organisation run by mothers for mothers. At Meet we recognise there are many different types of mother; biological; adoptive; grandparents or any other female figure that provides care for a child. We want to make sure all types of mothers feel welcome to participate in our range of services.

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We believe a mother will gain confidence and encouragement through simply sharing their experiences, whether it is the sleepless nights, the never-ending pile of laundry or mental health issues. It is so important to be reminded that you are not alone. We are committed to actively encouraging our members to share their experiences and encourage one another along their motherhood journeys.


Motherhood can be a very different journey for each woman and there's no sure way to prevent maternal mental health issues. However, at Meet we believe empowering women through peer support we can  help to stabilise a mother's mental health. We actively encourage our members to practice self-care, seek support, practice mindfulness, and build connections with other members.

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'It takes a village to raise a child"  


With extended families living ever further apart, it comes as no surprise that becoming a mother can often be a very lonely and isolating period in a woman's life. Through facilitating events, encouraging our members to build new connections and engaging with our wider communities, we believe we can rebuild the 'village'. 

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Mum Meets

Our volunteer led mum meets are the core of MEET. Providing a relaxed atmosphere for mothers to meet, share advice and speak openly about mental health issues. 

Support Group

Support Group

The Meet Facebook Mental Health Support Group offers a safe and private space for our members. We encourage mothers to share their experiences, and give other members support.


We are committed to signposting other useful parenting and mental health services in Suffolk. We believe working together is the best way to ensure complete coverage of care for all mothers.

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Our amazing team of volunteers are committed to helping other mothers. 


Whether you fancy hosting Mum Meets or offering support online, our volunteering opportunities are flexible around your day-to-day life.


When women support each other,

incredible things happen.